Thursday, September 8, 2011

** Under Construction Giveaway **

Let's do a Fun Giveaway while our blog is under construction!

Winners will be drawn randomly on Monday 9/12 by All you have to do is like Wisconsin Coupon Clippers on Facebook and then comment below on this post and tell us what you like most about 
$$ Wisconsin Coupon Clippers $$ 
(Make sure to include your Facebook name that you liked our page with in your comment below)

What can you win?

1) Mela. Laundry Pack (48 Load Laundry Soap, Brightener, Softner, and Pre-Spot, a $36 Value)

2) $10 Target Gift Card

3) Four Full Coupon Inserts from this Sundays Paper (SS, GM, and RP)


  1. Love the store deals!

  2. I love the fact that its a WI page and that its so helpful, positive and upbeat!

  3. I love the fact that Micki is adorable!

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  5. I love that it is local! Makes saving money that much easier :)

    FB name: Rachael J Jacobson

  6. I love all the great deals!!!! Thanks for helping me save money every week!!!

    FB name: Melissa White Tabler

  7. i just came across this site from another one, but im happy to have found one that is local and has the same stores as i have.
    fb nikandkaleb


  8. Congrats on the Giveaway - I've got your post on my facebook, and just joined u on Google Friends too. Don't forget to visit to swap deals too at

  9. I am happy that I am learning about the different stores here as compared to where I was for the past year. I didn't coupon much when I lived up here before. But now I am doing it as much as possible. I live in a very small town and must travel to get to a store and for coupons! This makes it easier for me to plan and make a budget. Savings are easier to add up as well. I love saving money! (fb acct celticjamee)

  10. Saw this on Operation 40K. Really appreciate all the local deals that you post!

  11. I love that you have LOCAL deals! SO great to have people who know the pigg and Pick & Save, because im kinda new at this and can use all the help i can get.

    MaryElizabeth Walker

  12. I love all the ways your posts save me money!

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  14. I love that you list out what you are buying and how much you plan to spend/save!

  15. Yes, ther local deals! -

  16. I love seeing all the local stuff, plus the FB updates - makes me feel like I'm not wasting as much time on facebook (FB name = Amy Trieloff)

  17. The store deals are very useful.
    FB ID: Lynda Castillo
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  18. Good luck with the new site! Even though you are a Cheesehead, I guess Minnesotans can be friendly and enjoy your sense of humor and good deals too. :P

    Karen Gunter
    CreativeCouponing1 at gmail dot com

  19. I love getting info on local deals! I was sent here by Dannelle at Operation 40k.... so lucky to have great coupon bloggers in Wisconsin!

    FB - Heather Mroz
    email - heathermroz at gmail dot com

  20. I'm a fb friend.

    I love that you have the store coupon policies so easily accessible!

    jenniekcoupons at gmail dot com

  21. Already a FB fan - I love that it is local information from WI so deals can be made around here with stores that we have and are familiar with a great place to share "deals"

  22. I love that there's finally a place for me to learn about LOCAL matchups! (I secretly hate anyone who shops at Rite-Aid) ;-)
    My FB name Becca Heflin, and my page likes you too...

  23. Who doesnt like local deals, coupon savings and possible prizes? Love it!

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  25. I love that you list deals in my area!

  26. You're in Wisconsin...what's not to LOVE! Thanks for all the ways you save our family money! Melissa 'Brown' Holzhueter!/profile.php?id=1245696954

  27. I love all the deals in my area!! Thanks for all you do!!
    FB name Serena Creedy

  28. love, love, love awesome deals.
    FB: Jane Kaempfer Probelski

  29. LOve the great deals!

    FAcebook name Brittney Schmidt

  30. Love the great deals!
    FB - Dana Hetzer

  31. Love how supportive and positive the site is of it's members and other couponing sites.

  32. Here is the list so far...If you do not see your info. below, Make sure to leave a comment so I can add you to the list! This is comments from Facebook and our Blog. (Please make sure to leave your Facebook Name)

    1. Carrie Neff Pratt

    2. Monicka Butzin

    3. Jennifer Oglesby

    4. Sarah Williams

    5. Jenny 'Lemke' Anwar

    6. Jenny Schmitt Koehnke

    7. Amy J. Osborn

    8. Cecilia Hunter

    9. Whitney Hansen

    10. Justin Krenicki

    11. Amanda Schuchart

    12. Stacy Skarlupka Orgeman

    13. Christina Macabre

    14. Brenda Bolton

    15. Melissa White Tabler

    16. Jen Garibaldi

    17. Tammy Bethke

    18. Deborah Paul

    19. Karen Willhide Ranta

    20. Tammy Ebert

    21. Tara Dedeo

    22. Karen Lauer

    23. Karla Woodford Edwards

    24. Vicki Neff

    25. Jenspurg

    26. Dannelle

    27. RachJaco

    28. Sarah (niksmommy)

    29. Amy (CheapKiwi)

    30. CelticJamee

    31. Sarah B

    32. Mary Elizabeth

    33. Scarlet 122

    34. Ms. Olivia

    35. Maria

    36. Snbarse

    37. Amy Trieloff

    38. Lynda Del.

    39. Creative Couponing

    40. Heather Mroz

    41. Jen jenniekcoupons@…

    42. Beth Stetson

    43. DeeHef

    44. Cara Ellis

    45. Jennifer Hernandez-Meir

    46. Scarlet 56

    47. Melissa Brown

    48. Serena Creedy

    49. Jane Kaempfer

    50. Brittney Schmidt

    51. Dana Hetzer

    52. AOL User 9c616bec-dccc-11e0-

    53. Debbie Zurheide Schmidt

    54. Oona Batcher Plummer

  33. <3 that I can finally "compete" with my Publix-shopping sister in Florida! Lol :D

    ~Oona Batcher Plummer

  34. I love that the info is local

    FB name: Shelli Wodsedalek

  35. Love the new site! Love coupons, and saving. Love WI. Love mela products.

    FB name: Jessica Longdin

  36. Thank you for all of your work helping us to save money!!

  37. FB name is jennifer horn

  38. Thanks for everything you do to help us save money.

  39. I love the good deals that I wouldn't normally get looking by myself.
    FB-Laura Streeter

  40. Thanks for the local hook ups!!

  41. I love all the great tips and ad match ups,
    Thanks for all your hard work and time!!

    Facebook name
    Heather Bauer

  42. hopefully I can post..Thank-you for all that you do..

  43. i love the fact that you're from wisconsin. Also,,you're very quick to post the hot deals.

    Jackie Mortensen

  44. I'm a FB fan and love the fact that you post local deal right here in Madison!

  45. I appreciate that you post the great deals available for Madisonians!

  46. Amy Kurzynski ArbogashSeptember 11, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Facebook name: Alex coupons

    I love all of the great deals and freebies!!!

  48. Hello from Milwaukee! Love your page!! *Amy : )

  49. I just found your page via a friend and I like everything about it. We need more Wisconsin couponing blogs!

    FB- hollie benoit

  50. Love that you are in Wisconsin and post deals close to home!!!

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  52. Hope this works! Thanks for all the great posts!

  53. Thanks for all that you do!

  54. I love match ups and coupon links

    Heather Atkinson-Puckett